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Specials for Sept 24 to 27

$14 Entree Event

Cabbage rolls with sour cream

Open faced hot hamburger with fries

Meatloaf marsala with mash gravy and veg 

Blackened Tilapia with roasted potato and veg

Fish and chips with cole slaw 

Fish taco with corn salsa chipotle aiolo and mixed greens 

Liver with bacon onion mash and gravy 

Bison burger with bacon and havarti with fries 

Butter chicken on rice with naan and veg 

Quiche with roasted cauliflower and cheese with mixed greens 



Sunday: $14 entrées
Monday: $14 entrées
Tuesday: $14 entrées
Wednesday: $14 entrées
Thursday: $14 burgers
Friday: $14 fish and chips
Saturday: date night, $50 ½ litre house wine and fajitas
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